a tabletop game
by Ice-Pick Lodge

based on a videogame by the same name

Pathologic is a plot-driven survival open-world adventure videogame for PC/Mac/Linux, PS4, and XBox One


The board game is available as a reward for $80 and higher tiers, or you can purchase it as an add-on for $65 (if your basic reward is digital, please add $15 more for shipping).

After its release, tabletop Pathologic will be sold separately.


Barricades are being built in the streets, shop shelves are becoming barren, marauders are looting houses. An invisible murderer is walking through the Town — merciless, weightless, and listless. No one knows how to protect themselves against it or who is to become its next victim.

Seems like the Town is doomed — yet, those of its inhabitants who are privy to the mystery of its internal structure are still trying to fight back. Their efforts and hopes are guided by the knowledge and the will of three outstanding persons.

The Bachelor

The first is Daniil Dankovsky, a Bachelor of medicine and a young doctor from the Capital. He has precision instruments, a scientific worldview, and is respected by the ruling families of the Town.

The Haruspex

The second is Artemiy Burakh, a Haruspex who knows how to read animals’ entrails and has shamanic heritage. He was born here, went away to study medicine, and has recently come back. The skills of his steppe forefathers will help him fight the Plague.

The Changeling


The third is Clara, The Changeling; a girl who has no past and can heal or murder with her touch. A fraud to some people, a saint to others. Where science and authority fail, mysticism enters the picture.


  • 1 ruleset
  • 1 Town Map
  • 4 Prompt Cards
  • 4 Parts (i. e. character sheets)
  • 1 “Second Outbreak Chronicle” (to write down The Plague’s movement and actions)
  • 3 Healer figurines
  • 1 Plague figurine
  • 9 Entwined tokens
  • 9 Entwined Cards (The Plague’s “Black Deck”)
  • 12 Quarantine tokens
  • 3 Twine tokens (one per Healer)
  • 18 Infection tokens (used by The Plague to infect The Town)
  • 1 Grip token
  • 3 Healers’ Mission tokens (used to mark how close each of them is to winning the game)
  • 15 Incident Cards
  • 30 Recipe Cards (10 per Healer)
  • 45 Key tokens: 15 Authority tokens, 15 Cunning tokens, and 15 Information tokens (used to react to the Incidents that happen on the Town Map)


  • 2–4 players.
  • An average session takes 60-80 min.
  • Each player takes on the role of one of the three Healers or the Plague.
  • Each Healer has their own playstyle and abilities, and the Plague's gameplay is completely diferent.
  • The Healers’ goal is to resolve incidents while preserving as many of the Entwined companions as possible. The Plague’s goal is to kill certain Entwined.
  • The Healers move through the Town on their own or send their Entwined to resolve dangerous incidents. The Plague moves through the map stealthily, showing itself only when killing its targets or setting traps.
  • Players will have to think their moves through carefully while trying to guess what the others plan to do. They will also have to talk, bluff, and manipulate.
  • Every action has consequences. Players will have to evaluate risks and take on responsibility for their Entwined.

Just remember that you can’t save them all.


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About this game

The Pathologic tabletop game is currently under development. We are still searching for the final form it will take. So please be aware that some interface choices are subject to change and assets presented above (tokens, cards, etc) may be altered.

About us

Ice-Pick Lodge is a Russian game development studio founded in 2002. Our general philosophy is that games should give players food for thought, not just fun. We have never produced a board game before, but now we have found skilled designers ready to translate a digital story into chips and paper. That’s how tabletop Pathologic came to be.

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